You are the creator

We live in a time when nothing is more important than stepping into your authentic power. To be who you really are. The world is changing and you are the most important link. Old systems no longer work. And through you the new arises. Inside out. I help you with this transformation process. So you can start doing what you’re here for. Welcome to the new Earth! Welcome to the new Earth! 

I am Merel Anna, Shamanic healer and coach. Welcome to my website! My greatest passion is guiding people to the right place. It is my strength to connect you with the right people through my network. This was already reflected in my work as an intermediary, HR advisor and career coach. But I turned out not to be very suitable for working as an employee. That’s why I started my own business.  

On my offer page you can read what I can do for you. I am looking forward to meet you!

Much love, Merel Anna